Cosmos Shop is the leading clothing store (showroom) on the Lithuanian market.
Main sales channels:
Facebook ads, google ads, offline store, promotion through bloggers on Instagram - (cooperation from 2020.01).
Key Highlights
We started from the basics - strategy creation, visuals, text and achieved some great results implementing it! Below are some of the key highlights of what we have worked on.
Advertising Strategy
Developing an advertising strategy, including competitor research, auditing the company's performance, creating a potential buyer's persona, structuring the advertising strategy according the monthly advertising budget. All needed tools connecting as GA, FB Pixel, API Conversion and main conversion events setup.
Communication Strategy
Created and managed communications strategy of advertising campaigns that included: sales funnel, unique selling proposition and other hacks to increase sales, improve website performance and make people buy our client products.
  • $75 000+

    Advertising spend
  • 8.6

    Return on ad spend
  • 120x

    Advertising budgets have increased
Client Testimonial
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